The diversity of sports armband

The heart rate band is a wearable device that we are familiar with to collect heart rate and other data during exercise. Most people do not pay much attention to the band, because it has no direct connection with the heart rate data. However, after all, the contact with the skin, tightness and material will also affect the overall sense of use of the band. Here are the four distinctive armbands of Fitcare.


Nylon elastic soft ribbon: Velcro + day button size: 313*25mm, thickness of about 1.6mm This belt is comfortable and soft, full of elasticity, soft, light, breathable, sweat proof, high water absorption and other characteristics, there are a variety of colors to choose Velcro and fixed buckle two styles, easy to adjust the tightness and dismount washing. The arm circumference can be 200mm-320mm.


Nylon webbing: Velcro + elastic needle size: 254*24mm, thickness of about 3mm. Choose the American weave art, fine workmanship, with strong smooth, not easy to fuzz and deodorant characteristics, weaving dense lines, gap between the hook, feel tight, soft moderate. 5 Velcro layout, in the actual use of the fixed fairly firm.


Velcro Lycra Arm band: Velcro + Lycra Material size: 350*22mm, thickness about 2.5mm. After professional testing, 300 times after washing Velcro adhesive good, high quality nylon hook and hair surface, must be soft and skin friendly, the whole structure is equipped with air holes, easy to sweat and breathable. Simple Velcro adjustable design, easy to wear and remove anywhere.


Nylon elastic ribbon: Velcro + Japanese buckle, size: 313*25mm, thickness about 1.6mm using soft fabric material and special weaving technology, can comfortably fit to wear on the arm, not easy to slip, large elasticity, good tensile, sweat breathable performance is better, contact skin without sticky feeling. It is more convenient to wear and adjust the tightness. It can be adjusted quickly and easily. The arm circumference size can be 200mm-320mm.

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