fitcare participated in 2023 China Sports Expo


After 30 years, the 12-city China Sports Expo ushered in the 40th exhibition, 2023 China International Sporting Goods Expo opened on May 26 in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 1500 enterprises panorama showing the development of the sporting goods industry.

The 2023 China Sports Expo has continued the traditional fitness exhibition area, sports venues and equipment exhibition area, sports consumption and service exhibition area and other three exhibition areas. On the topic of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing upgrading of the sports industry with small and medium-sized enterprises as the main body, the new road of sports consumption upgrading will be discussed. Fitcare will exchange and learn with professionals from global sports and fitness related fields to show its brand image and seek cooperation and development. In the exhibition, many Chinese and foreign brand owners and industry colleagues showed great interest in Fitcare's novel technology products. The booth visitors streamed in an endless stream, and the atmosphere was very warm.

First, scientific and technological innovation


Combined with customer demand and market application, we have launched a series of leading intelligent sports technology products. It includes tension sensor, boxing pile sensor and crank power meter. These products use advanced sensing technology and data analysis algorithms to accurately monitor users' exercise data and provide users with personalized health management solutions.

Second, interactive experience

The on-site booth of Fitcare has designed a variety of interactive experience links, providing cycling experience equipment and rowing machines to enable visitors to feel the fun of sports personally, which attracts the participation of a large number of visitors.

This sports Expo not only showed the product strength of Fitcare, but also made many new friends on the site, reached cooperation intention with many customers, and further understood the user feedback of sports intelligent hardware products, which also brought new ideas for our development research

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