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Do some homework on finding routes before you ride to help you gain a new experience. Bicycle paths, country lanes, scenic backroads, tunnels, and alleyways are connected by highways, but it does take some knowledge and practical experience to figure out how to connect these roads into a coherent bicycle route.
People who travel by bike can be divided into two types: those who travel for the purpose of cycling and those who travel for the purpose of reaching their destination. Both are driving forces for cycling, but when the goal is not the destination, the trip suddenly becomes more enjoyable. Stop when you want, change the line when you want, it's full of uncertainty.
Once you have planned your route, consider how you will ride as directed. A variety of tools are needed depending on the complexity of the route. For easy routes, look for road or forest road signs to navigate or follow trail notes. In areas without cell phone reception, it is recommended to carry a paper map. If the cycling direction is more complicated, the route should be uploaded to the GPS bicycle code table according to various route planning guides.
BC108 is a dual-star positioning bikmeter that supports GPS & BDS. The screen is automatically backlit to display real-time exercise data day or night. The bikmeter can be uploaded to STRAVA platform via Bluetooth for easy viewing and management. The motherland is so big that there are not only vast places like Xinjiang and Tibet to visit, and the scenery around us is not bad.
Some good places to ride are recommended:
1. All kinds of mountain roads of Yuntai Mountain in Taihang between Shanxi and Henan, with first-class scenery and climbing, as well as the wonders of the world wall hung highway;
2, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Xiapu coastal highway, Wenzhou across the sea embankment;
3, Xiangxi and Guizhou all kinds of winding highway, road good car less scenery first-class;

4. Guangxi Yanbian Road, Vietnam, Guilin Yangshuo riding cross-country Tour;
5, Zhejiang Siming Mountain, Xuedou Mountain, Dongbai Mountain, Moganshan, Yandang Mountain county road;
6. A large area from Wuyuan, Huangshan, Taiping Lake to Shexian County, Longgang and Qiandao Lake;
7. From Lishui of Zhejiang Province to Wuyi Mountain of Fujian Province;
8, Guangdong Huizhou, Shaoguan, Zhaoqing and so on......
Here is a special reminder: do not fall into the mistake of "ring" when planning cycling routes. Sometimes, "ring xx" cycling is not an ideal route design. Targeted routes are often more interesting and meaningful.

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