Spinning -- suitable fitness option for young people

From gyms, to families, and then to e-commerce sales, the cycle of a decade. The popularity of cycling is the best way for the public to get into fitness and enjoy sports. The spinning bike has certain requirements for users, and is suitable for young people to use. It is not recommended for those with knee injuries to use it. Spinning is a combination of music and some functions such as resistance and revolutions, and simulates the movement of going up and down hills and walking in place, which is more stylish and fun.
Through appropriate intensity exercise to promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, increase cardiopulmonary function, a large amount of fat consumption while exercising endurance, play a weight loss fitness effect.
There is no resistance adjustment for the spinning bike, so we need to drive it by ourselves. We can check the exact frequency value of our own stepping by using the speed frequency sensor, adjust the gear properly, and save energy in the muscle. Meanwhile, the appropriate step frequency can help us stabilize our heart rate, and finally achieve smooth output. At present, the basic application of the gym is the magneto-controlled spinning bike. You may not notice it, because the magnetic field of the spinning bike itself will cause interference to the measurement results of the step frequency sensor, and the abnormal data value will occur during exercise.
BK463 is a dual-mode step frequency sensor using the combination of geomagnetic sensor and accelerometer, can effectively prevent magnetic field interference, keep the data accurate at all times, avoid leg muscle fatigue and maximize the use of leg muscle strength, maintain the best step frequency speed.

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