Goofit is an App for smart scale, it will record your body health data, and use a proffessional analisys to get the data of the body composition, it helps you to better undersand your health condition and enjoy a new
smart life.


Moofit is an App to collect and manage fitness data, it worked with some wearable devices and record your daily activity level, and stored in history, and can be displayed daily, weekly, and monthly, it use a proffessional analisys to make you get a more
healthier life.


TeamFitPlus is an App based on Android box and used for a group training, it can collect up to 64 user's data simultaneously, and displayed on the big screen with heart rate (BPM), heart rate percentage towards the maximun heart rate, calories burned etc.


EasyOTA is an App used to upgrade the firmware for the smart devices, it helps the user to upgrade the smart devices easily and stably. So the user can easily get the new firmware and function.