About Us

Shenzhen Fitcare Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Fitcare Electronics was founded 2011, and our goal is to make life better and healthier. We focused in the details of the work to make high quality product.
We are experienced in the fitness and healthcare industry and we have the capacity to apply different kinds of sensoring technology. We have an experienced and brilliant R&D team, including firmware, hardware, iOS and Android design, cloud & server design.

One Stop Service

Fitcare can help the clients with end-to-end services from product concept to mass production, no matter the customer is a start up or a leader in the industry. We would be more than happy to work with you to define the product together, and provide with the customized services including schemetics and PCB design, algorithm design, firmware development, and App/ cloud development. And we understand how important the intellectual property for our customer so we provide with a secure and confidential work environment to protect that.

  • 35+ R&D Engineer

  • High Efficiency Production

  • Professional Customer Service

Innovation and Engineering

Our talented R&D team mainly focused in fitness and healthcare field and can bring the latest technologies to our customers. Our motivational management system encourages our team member to keep exploring in new technologies and we partnered with leading research institutions, universities and suppliers to keep learning from them. 
From the earliest stages, customers engage our innovation platform to streamline product design and accelerate commercialization.
Our advanced design and engineering can help eliminate redundancies, shorten design life cycles, expedite product testing, and bypass bottlenecks. All in service of helping you get the best products to market first.

App Development and Support

A good App is a powerful way to marketing the business. Our App team includes UI/UX designer, iOS developer, Android developer, and cloud developer. And they have developed Apps according to the customer’s requirements with high efficiency. Ranging from conventional smart devices for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets to cross-platform apps, our App engineer will get our IoT devices seamlessly worked with all these Apps. 
As we are familiar with our own products and the technologies for the smart devices like Ble, ANT+, Zigbee, WiFi, we can provide with the SDK and support to the customer who develop their own Apps. 


Fitcare have shipped large amount of units to all around the world. We constantly integrate innovative technologies and improve our facilities and process with forward-thinking ideas to manufacture high-value added products and solutions for customers. And we always apply a strict industry standards to the products. We have ISO9001, BSCI, GSV certified and we understand that the importance focus is to keep continuous quality improvement. 
Thanks to the support of our suppliers and customers, we will provide with more professional products to all the users.